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Katadyn Group sales increase further despite difficult economic environment

October 26, 2011

The Katadyn Group increased its sales revenue (turnover) in 2010 by 15.8 percent to CHF 44.3 million (2009: CHF 38.2 million). The Group’s operating profits grew by 1.65 million to CHF 7.8 million (2009: CHF 6.1 million). A substantial contribution to this growth was made by Katadyn Industrial Water Treatment AG (KIWT). By  acquiring a stake in this company in 2009, Katadyn added industrial and municipal water treatment to its business field.

Katadyn Industrial Water Treatment AG (KIWT) evolved from the merging of Aquafides Schweiz AG and UVC Light GmbH (Germany). The Group provides products for industrial and municipal water treatment on the basis of UV sterilization and filtration. The focus in 2010 was on the integration of KIWT in order to enable it to contribute to the profitable growth of the Katadyn Group over the next few years.

Also the other subsidiaries of the Katadyn Group achieved sharp growth. In Germany, France, Asia, and Switzerland, major contracts signed with special military units generated an additional volume of orders. But also the international outdoor market contributed substantially to sales growth. Demand was brisk especially for the portable Katadyn filters, which as a result were markedly above the budget target.

The only area that contracted was the OEM business, as the main client for ceramic filter cartridges slashed their purchasing volume. Moreover, the growth in revenue achieved by the subsidiaries is only partly reflected by Group sales due to the strong Swiss franc. 

Forecast for 2011 

The Katadyn Group has had an excellent start into the year 2011. Especially in the United States, demand continues to be high and is perceptibly above the expected level. Capacity planning and supply reliability are the Group’s top priorities in order to cater to the growing market needs.

One of the greatest challenges for the future is the strength of the Swiss franc and the related exchange rates losses. Despite these difficult general conditions, the Katadyn Group continues to rely on Switzerland as a production site for its water treatment products and is investing in a new factory building in the larger Zurich area with double the previous production area and new production systems. Construction work is in full swing and the relocation is scheduled for 2012 onwards.


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