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Katadyn Ceramic Filters for the flood victims in Thailand

November 03, 2011

For weeks now, Thailand has been struggling with floods. Large parts of the country – including the metropolis Bangkok – are under water. Though the water has for the moment ceased to rise, the stagnant high water in the residential areas poses a huge risk of diseases. In a help project launched by Rotary Clubs in Switzerland and in Thailand, a token of immediate humanitarian aid has been provided. Six hundred gravity filters equipped with Katadyn ceramic have been distributed within a very short time to numerous victims. These gravity filters have two water containers that are placed one into the other so that the top one seals off the bottom one. Three Katadyn ceramic elements are screwed into the bottom of the top container. The top container is filled with contaminated water, which percolates under the influence of gravity through the filters into the bottom container and is thereby purified. The bottom container is provided with a faucet (tap) through which the purified water can be extracted whenever needed. The 0.2 micron ceramic filter elements are produced by Katadyn in Switzerland, whereas the filter containers for the Rotary project have been locally manufactured for some months in order to promote local production and to ensure better availability. Thanks to an immediately organized special work shift of the production employees, the gravity filters arrived at their site of application within 24 hours. The authorities in Thailand do not expect drinking water supplies to be ensured for several more weeks. At present, drinking water is even being imported on ships from Malaysia and Australia. The Rotarians will distribute additional filters to the needy in the northeast of Thailand in the coming days. Because some dams had to be opened in order to reduce the high water pressure, the water in the downstream areas is as high as one meter in the main roads. The Rotary campaign met with keen interest in Thailand. Even the Thai premier Yingluck Shinawatra tasted the water filtered by Katadyn elements and thanked everyone involved in the campaign for their efforts.

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