Katadyn Group

New Production Facility in Romania

September 03, 2012

Not only in Switzerland, but also in Romania, the company is laying new cornerstones for the future.  While Katadyn Products Inc. is moving its headquarters in mid-September from Wallisellen to Kemptthal near Zürich, Switzerland, a new production facility in Romania will also begin operation for The Katadyn Group. The strategic goal of the plant, near Brasov in the south, is for the company to be able to manufacture its own metal parts in the future. The Katadyn Group is making a conscious decision for INsourcing instead of OUTsourcing; indeed, these parts have been made by subcontractors until now. The new factory in the enlarged EU area is directed by a Swiss manager who has the same high quality standards of the group, pays fair wages, and ensures the work conditions abide by the standards of The Katadyn Group.

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