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Emergency Food Water Pack

The Katadyn Group also offers a multitude of special solutions for satisfying highly demanding requirements in the fields of Military, NGO/Governments, and Emergency Preparedness. These highly reliable solutions and products have been designed to meet the specific needs of these target groups and are suitable for use under the most adverse conditions. Numerous relief organizations, armed forces, and special army units apply these systems for survival and rescue. Unsafe drinking water sources, for example, jeopardize the health and thus also the deployment readiness of soldiers in disaster and crisis areas. The same applies to persons providing help during humanitarian emergency missions. Every year, violence, floods, earthquakes, or hunger threaten hundreds of thousands of people. Following environmental disasters, entire cities may often find themselves without safe drinking water. Moreover, they frequently lack electric power, foods, and cooking utensils. The Katadyn Group with its specially composed Emergency Food packs also offers sound solutions for Emergency Preparedness.

On the websites www.katadynmilitary.com, www.katadynngo.com, and www.foodforemergency.com, you will find an overview of our survival and rescue products and services in their appropriate context.  


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