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Survival and Lifesaving Products for the Military

When it comes to tough or life-threatening situations, the military needs reliable products 100% of the time. And that's why armed and special forces around the world turn to products from the Katadyn Group, the No. 1 provider for smart life-saving survival products, including water treatment (both fresh and salt water), stoves and cookware, and freeze-dried meals.

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Blackout -- Powerlessly in the dark

What if a city, an entire region or even an entire country is without power for several days? One can hardly imagine such a scenario....

BeFree by Katadyn – Your reliable water filter for all situations

During a longer period of time far from civilization and fending for yourself, one imperative need is reliable products, essential nutrition and foods, and a...

The German city of Bad Homburg relies on Katadyn Group products in the event of an emergency

In the event of a natural disaster, severe storm, power outage or a technical system blackout, crisis teams are activated in cities and municipalities. These...