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Field story: day ration pack


“Soldiers should be able to enjoy something that reminds them of home.”



German Army (Bundeswehr)





Project Description

As part of an immediate mission requirement from the Bundeswehr, Trek’n Eat provided one-man Day Ration Packs. The mission needs were implemented in an extremely short time. When on missions, soldiers often fan out over broader areas, which means they depend even more on one-man packs at their outposts. That makes a variety of foods even more important. For a long time, there was only a very limited selection of EPa (“Einmannpackung” or one-man ration packs) available, and these were subsequently served over and over again. Today, another crucial factor is weight: Based on current food products industry knowledge and the new level of flexibility afforded by that, Trek’n Eat was able to respond in a very short time to the needs of the German Army (Bundeswehr). Nineteen types of EPa packs have been available since 2010: Nine with moist canned food and 10 with only freeze-dried foods. Of these, Trek’n Eat was able to provide five items from products already in the Trek’n Eat line. These include, for example, two dehydrated entrée meals, a dehydrated cereal, bread, energy bars, coffee, tea and a small spice shaker for adding seasoning to taste. The packaged EPas supplied with freeze-dried Trek’n Eat products weigh approximately 1 kilogram and are thus 600 or more grams lighter than the packs with moist canned food. The weight is a factor greatly appreciated by every soldier when carrying a supply of EPas in their packs to last for a number of days.



In the food products industry, Trek’n Eat offers individually composed Day Ration Packs for troops. They safely meet soldiers’ needs under varying operating conditions. The foundation for the packs comes from the Trek’n Eat portfolio of freeze-dried meals. One singular standard meal does not exist. Freeze drying completely eliminates water content from food without destroying essential vitamins and minerals. Trek’n Eat therefore meets the requirements for optimal nutrition even under extreme conditions. The “Day Ration Packs” are supplemented with carefully selected food products such as beverages, bars, snacks, etc. The packages are assembled according to a customer’s request. Packs with 2,500-4,500 kcal (per package) are supplied depending on the customer and the needs expressed. In the one-man ration packs supplied by the Katadyn Group, soldiers will for the most part find “normal” commercial food products because soldiers should be able to enjoy something that reminds them of home.