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Field story: soldier stove sweden


Optimus Soldier Stove, a modular system for individual cooking and water boiling in tough conditions.



The Swedish Armed Forces, through the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV).



During the mid 2000’s, the Swedish Armed Forces were looking at upgrading several items in the individual soldier equipment including outdoor type of stoves for cooking food and boiling water. Previous models in use were old, bulky and in some cases complex in usage and maintenance. In addition, they did not reflect that individual field rations had developed through the years from e.g. tinned food into freeze dried meals that are prepared by adding hot water into the food pouch. The needs were  thus changed from partly traditional type of cooking food to boiling relatively small volumes of water.


Project Description

In June 2009 FMV published an enquiry (invitation to submit tender) for a new individual soldier stove system (Soldier Stove 09) based on a specification of requirements that had been elaborated within the Armed Forces. The overall system requirement was to maintain the soldier’s ground forceand surviving ability during shorter as well as longer missions, primarily by securing a high capability to boil water. The specifications called for a modular light weight system that could be used in all environments, during the entire year and in all climate conditions. In December 2011 FMV published a new inquiry with slightly modified specifications (Soldier Stove 10), but with essentially the same scope as the previous version. With the Optimus brand, Katadyn Group has a vast experience in outdoor stoves systems for both military and civilian use, in all possible conditions. Despite technically tough performance requirements and a very tight time schedule, Katadyn was able to develop strong solutions to both enquiries, and was consequently awarded the corresponding contracts. To date, Katadyn has delivered 74.000 Soldier Stoves in both versions.



The Optimus Soldier Stove system is of modular design and consists of an Optimus Crux Lite gas burner with a piezo igniter, an ethanol burner, two cooking pots, cutlery, a fire-resistant and multifunctional cloth, and other useful cooking, eating and drinking accessories. As many components are made of light weight durable alloys, the whole set weighs less than 1,1 kgs (excluding fuel) and fits into a small pocket of e.g. a combat vest system.

With this modular system, the troops will be optimally equipped for any assignment, be it a short-term or a long-term mission in hot or in cold climate zones.


The major benefits of the Soldier Stove are:

  • Four season usage with an operational temperature range of -40°C to +45°C

  • Light weight and small pack volume

  • Easy to use and minimum requirement of training

  • Operational flexibility, possibility to bring only parts of the system on a mission depending on climate, altitude, length of mission etc.

  • Durability with no anticipated need for field maintenance or repair.


Technical data Soldier Stove 10

Weight: 1.1 kg (excluding fuels)

Dimensions packed: approx. 22 x 21 x 14 cm

Gas burner: Output 4200W; boil time 1L of water 3-5 min subject to conditions.

Ethanol burner: Output 1400W, boil time 1L of water 13-15 min subject to




Katadyn has with its brand Optimus more than 115 years of experience in developing burner technology. We are capable of developing system solutions for demanding use in tough conditions. The Soldier Stove series of the Swedish Armed forces is a good example of our ability to develop a strong product solution based on specific customer needs.